Monday, September 10, 2012

You Have a Chat Invite!

This is just a quick public service announcement to let people know that I would love to interview some authors—especially authors of Christian fiction—in this space. This blog isn’t exactly going viral, but I very much appreciate everyone who swings by and hangs out for a few. If you’re a Christian author, or you know someone who is, and they’d like to arrange for a bit of free publicity, send me a message, send me your book, and, after I read it, we can sit down and talk about it. There are some questions that I think I’ll ask most authors—very eager to talk about what other Christian authors think is their responsibility, if any, to point toward God or sow seeds in their writing, and what that can look like—but I’d also like to focus on the author’s work specifically and have a discussion based on what they wrote. I figure this will be good for both of us, as my audience and the audience of the author will come together a bit and we both may find ourselves with new readers.

I’ve thought about it and decided not to actually write any book reviews here. Since I have a horse or two in this race, it just seems fairer to leave the criticism to the readers, although I think I might gush here and there about a book I’ve really, genuinely enjoyed—and I’m inclined to read as much indie Christian fiction as I can get my hands on!

For the time being, my offer to interview is open ended and available to anyone interested in it. If I get too busy to really do this in the future—not to suggest I’m not busy now, but this seems a worthwhile pursuit—then I’ll amend the policy at that time. In the meantime, let me know if you’d like to do an interview for my little blog!

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