The Book of the Harvest

The Book of the Harvest

Somewhere in the midst of eternity, a man begins to wonder about those he knew while still on earth. His questions lead him to the discovery of a remarkable book that contains a heartbreaking truth—a truth that he desperately wish he had known during his Christian life.

The Book of the Harvest is a short story about faith, reaching out and listening to the Holy Spirit. God has used this simple tale to inspire and challenge believers to find and pursue opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ with the people around them before it's too late. One pastor who read the book said how much he wished he could purchase a copy for each member of his congregation. The Book of the Harvest is a fast and easy read, but the message is too powerful to be ignored!

What Readers Are Saying About The Book of the Harvest

"This book is a serious wake-up call. It reminds us in a very powerful way of our responsibility here on earth to be the instruments of God regardless of our own busy schedules or the way others might view us. It has definitely made me stop and think about times I may have ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit and what the impact may be on the lives of the people I could have touched. So ready to be more aware - to heed that small voice and be obedient."

"This book might be short but it packs a punch! It's definitely thought provoking. I know I can think of times I haven't listened to that small voice and regretted it later wondering "should I have..."? After reading this I pray I'll not only listen but also obey should the opportunity arise. While I'm saddened at the opportunities lost I'm left with hope in that I still have time on this earth to make a difference...and a beautiful vision of a loving worshipful eternity yet to come."
- YoAdrien, review

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