The Savvy Demon's Guide to Godly Living

The Savvy Demon's Guide to Godly Living




"To think it all happened because a demon got drunk."

From the very first line of The Savvy Demon's Guide to Godly Living, readers will know they're about to experience something very unique. What follows is an epic, satirical novel that will leave readers crying, laughing and considering what it really means to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ.

Melchior thought that life as a fallen angel would be great, full of deception, trickery and temptation. He had no idea he would be bored out of his mind, but the church he's assigned to makes such little impact for the Kingdom of God that he never has anything to do. While getting plastered at a local New Jersey dive, he gets the idea to pay a drunken visit to the pastor of Compton Baptist Church to tell him exactly what he's doing wrong. Melchior's visit opens the eyes of Rev. Doug Pinkerton to what it truly means to give everything to follow Christ—and Compton, New Jersey will never be the same again.

Please note: This book is intended for mature audiences. It is absolutely written to glorify God, but it deals with people at all stages of faith. Sometimes their language and behavior are sinful. The Narrator makes every attempt to censor naughty words, but characters in this book who are far from God act and speak in a manner consistent with the darkness in their lives. But don't worry. When the Light comes, the darkness will not be able to stand.

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What Readers Are Saying About Savvy Demon's Guide

"Though I expected to enjoy this book (and I certainly wasn't disappointed), I didn't anticipate being changed by it...Overall, reading The Savvy Demon's Guide to Godly Living was a moving experience that impacted me far beyond what I had expected. I think it would be almost impossible for anyone who is (or wants to be) serious about their faith not to be changed after reading it. Though I seldom reread books, this is one I will probably pick up again sometime, at the very least so I can look over all the sections I highlighted and ask myself whether I'm living them out the way God nudged me to at the time. Praise the Lord for the way He can use even a work of fiction to work in us and bring us closer to Himself!"
- Annie Douglass Lima, Letters from Annie blog

"Brad Francis has written another wonderful book. I enjoyed Emaline's Gift, thought that absolutely nothing could top The Book of the Harvest, and yet...he did. I have to thank Brad for yielding to the Lord yet again, and thank an unhappy, drunken Melchior for a wonderful book on what discipleship and truly what 'church' should look like...An incredible time for a truth such as this. I cannot say enough about it."
- Linda Humbert, Review

"Using caricatures of modern Christian society, Brad Francis has created an edgy, clever, and convicting read. It is ha-ha funny at times, and at other times, it pierces the heart. It skates on the edge of inappropriate at times, and is much too edgy for children. But the book is real. Hard and real, like a snapshot of life...Overall I feel it's a much-needed read for the majority of American Christians, and ought to be required reading for the clergy."
- P. Creeden, Review

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